No.53: The Ultimate Control Measure Against Radiation Exposures and the Road-Map for Recovery from the Northeastern Japan Earthquake

 Some may sneer and laugh at the boastful title of this article. However, this is the subtitle of the book entitled "The Rules of Syntropy (Regeneration)" published as a collection of some of the articles that I have written for DND (a Web magazine) since March 11, 2011.

 The book was sent to all congressmen and the head of all municipalities in the affected areas. The theme concept is "country founded on EM", and the proceeds from sale of the books will be donated to NPO United Networks for Earth Environment (U-net) for its project team to support and facilitate reconstruction of the Northeastern Japan from the disaster of March 11th.

 Since its publication at the end of October (in 2011), approximately 10,000 copies were sold, and additional 3,000-5,000 copies are to be printed. The copies are currently available (only in Japanese) and only through U-net ( The copies may be sold through regular book stores in future, which is still under negotiation. The book is a collection of the articles published by the end of August (2011) on EM application in the disaster affected areas and reports four successful cases that effectively controlled saline damage in paddy field and yielded good rice harvest as we expected.

 In controlling high radiation exposures, a review on the method and the amount of EM application may be needed for the better results. However, in residential areas where the contamination is not so severe, EM has successfully controlled radiation exposures. Spraying EM is often carried out for self protection in many places. U-net has shifted its major support effort from Iwate and Miyagi prefectures to Fukushima prefecture and now focuses on controlling radiation exposures.

 A mixer tank with a heater to multiply EM by 100 times and several plastic tanks to extend the multiplied EM further by 30-50 times, as a set, are placed in Fukushima prefecture. The Women's Auxiliaries of Fukushima Chamber of Commerce are leading decontamination effort by using EM. Fifteen new mixer tanks for EM multiplication, approximately \800,000/@, are now in operation in addition to the old ones which had been already in operation.

- The Ultimate Control Measure Against Radiation -

 In the beginning of December, the biggest retailer, IEON group, made a sensible yet provocative declaration that they measure radiation level by themselves and that they will not sell if radiation is detected. The declaration was very reasonable considering the fact that the safety standards for human body set by WHO is 0.5Bq/kg.

 It indicates that the safety standards set by Japanese government are meaningless. Not only in Fukushima prefecture but in Kanto and Tohoku districts where contamination level is around 100Bq/kg, it is very difficult to grow crops that are below the level of "not-detected" if agrichemicals are used in farming. Therefore, the only basic control measure that is simple and easy to practice is EM application as I described in my message No.50 "Measures to Control False Persecution that all Products from Fukushima are Radioactively Contaminated".

 Deep soil tilting with addition of zeolite and organic matters is effective to some degree. However, radioactive substances could increase when rain and/or irrigation system gathers radioactive substances from the surrounding land. Or when agrichemicals accelerate soil ionization which facilitates radioactive substances to be eluted and easily absorbed by plants. Many precautious measures do not insure the safe crops. Farmers live with the risk of unforeseeable outcome that the crops may not be marketed if radiation level is above that of "not-detected".

 Application of 100-200L of EMA to 10a field can yield crops below "not-detected" level even when the soil contamination level is more than 6000Bq/kg. When the crops show higher than "not-detected" level before the expected time of harvest, it is possible to lower the contamination level below "not-detected" by applying EMA and EM ceramics powder to leaves and soil for 1-2 weeks for vegetables and 3-4 weeks for fruits.

 The guidelines set by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery allow farming rice paddies that are below 5000Bq/kg and marketing crops that are below 500Bq/kg. These standards are extremely higher than the WHO standards of 0.5Bq/kg. However, EM application in addition to the known preventive measures will be able to lower high contamination level of 10,000-20,000q/kg down to "not-detected".

 In Japan, radioactive contamination by cesium-137 draws much attention, and that by radioactive strontium including the cost of testing has been ignored. The observation on the consequence of Chernobyl accident has indicated that strontium has more serious effect because it is more easily absorbed and stabilized in bones, and that it is not discharged from human body and causes various intractable diseases.

 Fortunately, the Institute of Radiology of National Academy of Sciences of Belarus reported in 1996 that EM application prevents crops from absorbing strontium. The repeated tests confirmed that EM application prevents plants from absorbing radioactive cesium and strontium. Therefore, EM will be applied as a control measure against radioactive contamination in Belarus starting the next year.

 In addition to preventing plants from absorbing radioactive substances, internal radiation exposure must be controlled. As described in detail in the book entitled "The Rules of Syntropy (Regeneration)", EM use in daily living in the forms of EM, EMX-Gold, and other EM derived products will bring down the level of internal radiation exposure and prevent us from re-exposure.

 According to the results of the repeated experiment of more than 15 persons tested by the whole body counter in Belarus in August of 2011, it became clear that administration of 5ml EMX-Gold per day for 30 days brings down the level of internal radiation exposure to below that of "not-detected" even for adults. The same result is expected for live stocks; therefore, application of EMX-Gold to live stocks will start in Belarus from the next year.

 EM application to clean the water highly contaminated with radioactive substances, to use nuclear fuel waste to human benefit, and to prolong useful life of the concrete facilities that cover nuclear reactors are described in "The Rules of Syntropy (Regeneration)".

 - The Roadmap for Reconstruction from the Northeastern Japan Earthquake -

 EM has been applied to all kinds of hygienic problems caused by tsunami and successfully suppressed foul odor and infectious diseases. Although the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry, and Fishery commented that no harvest is expected for 3-4 years due to saline damage, the experiment to apply EM without decontaminating saline in paddy fields proved to be successful and yielded average to above average harvest.

 In regards to debris, use of incinerator that is built with EM technology and how to burn debris in open with EM ceramics are described in my message No.51. The appropriate management of debris and purification of the affected areas are the foundation of reconstruction. Many recommendations were made for reconstruction, but the most important of all is to maintain the affected people in good health and to help them to learn how to maintain their health by themselves.

 From that perspective, "EM life" is the key, and the communication network born through EM application has provided a solid foundation for non-governmental support systems. EM application in daily living in the affected areas in winter is especially important.

 Another important point in the process of reconstruction is to activate a primary industry. Development of a secondary and a tertiary industry depends on firmly established primary industry. EM application to garbage recycling, waste water treatment systems, and other industries will improve environment and add values by giving better quality products. Rivers will be purified, and marine resources will be enriched.

 This should be remembered in reconstruction of the coastal areas affected by the earthquake. Shichigahama-machi and other affected areas have already started using EM in purifying the sea and preparing for fishery. I expect fast and good recovery by use of EM. I described how to use EM in reconstructing agriculture and fishery in "The Rules of Syntropy (Regeneration)". EM application will provide answers to deal with FTA and TTP and give us a new picture of the area as a futuristic tourism site as well as a prototype community model to be introduced to the world.

 The current EM supply network established after the disaster of 3.11 can be strengthened for a systematic use, which will enable distribution of large quantity of EM for reconstruction works with minimal additional cost.

 I pray that EM will be applied for purifying soil and environment, and that EM technology will be used in all aspect of architecture and construction works. With EM technology, we can prolong useful life of buildings that can prevent us from getting sick. Concrete buildings can last semi permanent. I described how to do it in "The Rules of Syntropy (Regeneration)". It is now left up to the leaders to decide if they use it or not.