No. 52: Internal Radiation Exposure of the Children in Minami-Soma City

 Sankei Internet News dated October 28 reported the results of internal radiation exposure level of the children in Minami-Soma city measured by the whole-body counter (WBC). Of 527 children examined, 199 children were measured below 10Bq/kg, 65 children between 10-20Bq/kg, 3 children between 20-30Bq/kg, and 1 child 30-35Bq/kg. The WHO’s safety standards is 0.5Bq/kg.

 Approximately a half of the children measured below the level of “not-detected”; therefore, we could say that the safety measures taken against radiation exposures were adequate in general; however, we cannot ignore the fact that 4 children measured the contamination level over 20Bq/kg. I think that the test results reflected the different levels of cautiousness in taking preventive measures; complete acceptance of the safety standards set by Japanese government, being cautious enough to take some preventive measures, and being very cautious and making every effort to protect their children regardless of the safety standards. Therefore, the risk still remains high for some children to be continuously exposed to radiation which will cause many problems including lower immunity.

  The above results were reported 6.5 months after the nuclear accident in Fukushima. The children in Belarus were affected by the wind from Chernobyl and exposed to the level lower than the levels reported in Japan, but the accumulated level soon went over 20Bq/kg. Some cases reached 80-100Bq/kg which brought so-called “Chernobyl AIDS”. The safety level for potable water is set 200Bq/kg in Japan, while it is 10Bq/kg in Belarus; milk in Japan is 200Bq/kg vs. 100Bq/kg which has been recently lowered to 50Bq/kg in Belarus.

 The difference comes from the way of evaluating body exposure. In Japan, the allowable safe level of total body exposure including both internal and external, is set 1mSV per year and 100mSV for one’s lifetime. These levels simply indicate if it causes cancer or not, and ignore the affect of electromagnetic waves and ordinary radiation exposure due to medical examination in addition to already high exposure level caused by the nuclear accident.

 Cancer is considered as the fatal disease. It is said that cancer kills 1 out of 2 persons. It is reasonable to assume so, considering the fact that cancer has longer dormant period and that people live longer. However, I think it inadequate and irresponsible to use cancer as an index to measure one’s health.

 Human health greatly depends on power of immunity. All safety level for human health should base on power of immunity. Many recent epidemiological studies show the effects of radioactive cesium on human immunity. In Belarus, it is reported that 15-20Bq/kg bring down immunity level and cause catching cold more frequently, feeling easily tired, and becoming aware of subnormal and irregular body conditions. In other words, the children do not get cancer, but they are not well and feeling down most of the time. They cannot concentrate on school works nor lead ordinary life. In terms of “nurturing”, such condition will not facilitate healthy physical and mental development, but bring up children with maladies. The parents of such children tend to be over sensitive and take their children to hospital in reacting to even a minor irregularity. Such unnecessary medical attention will cause additional medical problems.

 The observations made in Belarus suggest that 12-13% of the children in Minami-Soma are suffering from lower immunity and that 4 children have already reached the level that they are aware of some abnormalities. It is only 6 months after the nuclear accident, and the problems are already observed in Minami-Soma city. Thinking what would happen to the children in the areas with higher radiation contamination, my heart sinks with heavy sighs.

 EMX-Gold is very effective against internal radiation exposure. Its effectiveness was re-confirmed in Belarus this autumn. Measurement by the WBC placed at many locations in Belarus proved that internal radiation exposure level was lowered to below that of “not-detected” within a month after oral intake of 1/5 of the usual dosage of EMX-Gold. If more number of WBCs were available in Japan, it would be easier to prove the effectiveness of EMX-Gold. Let me repeat it aloud that EM application in daily life will protect you from radiation exposures.

EM Application in Winter Daily Life in the Affected Areas

 Washing with EM will reduce radiation and agrichemical contamination of vegetables. Adding 0.5-1.0% EM while heating food is effective, and addition of EMX-Gold is recommended for better effects. Potable water is improved by placing 2-3 EM ceramic pipes per 1L of water and adding EMX-Gold at the portion of 1/1000. EM should be applied in cleaning bathtub, toilet and rooms, and in doing the laundry. Brewing a proactive drink with EM, unrefined sugar, apple juice, and herbs at home is fun and wise. Addition of EMX-Gold at the portion of 1/100 ? 1/1000 will make such drinks more potent.

 Winter climate invites influenza. EM prevents virus to form nuclei. In order for virus to be pathogenic, they need to flock and produce nuclei. When virus exist individually or scattered without forming a flock, they can easily be suppressed by ordinary level of immunity. However, once the nuclei balls are formed, they become pathogenic, and stronger immunity is needed to fight against them.

 The recent studies on EM proved that EM suppresses Norovirus and prevents white blood cells becoming cancerous. The same mechanism is applicable to all viruses and provides a theoretical basis for EM to be effective against such viral diseases as hoof-and-mouth disease, avian influenza, HIV, and leukemia.

 It is reported that addition of EM at the portion of 0.02-0.025% to humidifier water has completely prevented influenza epidemic, and that no classroom was closed down. Such EM effect is shared as a common knowledge among EM users. I believe that EM will be similarly effective for those who suffer from lower immunity level due to radiation and various stresses at temporary housing shelters with poor heating condition.

 Especially in the affected areas in Fukushima prefecture, many cases have been reported that furniture, Tatami mattresses, and carpets were replaced to decontaminate. However, when a building as a whole is contaminated, decontamination is not easy. Simple addition of EM to humidifier water is, however, an effective method of decontamination.

 At the same time, breathing EM added air will lower the level of internal radiation exposure and prevent you from catching influenza. EM application is safe and legal, and requires no permit or authorization.

 I earnestly hope that EM will be applied not only at individual homes but at public facilities such as schools, municipal offices, welfare facilities, and facilities for the elderly to prevent influenza epidemic and lower the radiation level.