No.49: EM Reduces Radiation

In my previous message No.48, I made an interim report of EM effects on radiation. Later reports that I received from EM users seem to indicate that more EM is applied, greater the radiation level decreases.

EMX-Gold is, as I said before, absolutely effective for internal exposure to radiation. Radiation level of all EM grown farm products registered “not-detected” although they were grown in the field that was contaminated to the level of 1000-3000Bq (per I kg soil). Therefore, it is possible to claim that the crops are safe to eat when 100L EMA (activated EM) per 10a field are applied 4-5 times per year. EM application will serve as a proof of safety against false provocation.

Food safety standard in Japan claims below 500Bq/kg as safe, which is irrational when it is compared to the fact that the milk in Belarus registered 50Bq/Kg. Mass media in Japan reported: Rice harvested from the field of contamination level of 1000Bq/Kg in the northern part of Ibaragi prefecture registered 50Bq/Kg, which is only 1/10 of the food safety standard and presents no health hazard. However, vegetables, rice, and milk that we eat every day present high risk of internal exposure to radiation; therefore, the “not-detected” level should be forced as the safety standard.

I felt it urgent to tell the residents of Fukushima prefecture that they need to be correctly informed of the facts on radiation. On 3rd and 4th of September in Kohriyama and Date cities, I gave a lecture under the tile of “The Ultimate Countermeasure against Radiation and Plan of Recovery from the Earthquake in Northeastern Japan”.

No large hall was available; therefore, I gave the lecture three times in smaller halls to a total of approximately 1000 audience. In Date city, a local TV station aired my lecture, and I received several interviews from mass media. Many EM users gave me the reports of their experiences of EM use to reduce radiation.

No report was negative. Incredible reports that only a short period of time was required or that the higher the radiation level, the greater the reduction was, were made to indicate that EM application requires only a short period of time to reduce radiation level.

Repeated application of good quality EMA is the basic. In order to apply EMA to farm fields and mountains and cover large areas, an efficient system must be constructed to supply a large volume of EMA. In summer, school pools can be used. However, in order to supply EMA through all seasons to meet the immediate and long-term needs of the primary industries and general environment, several activation facilities of the size of a small beer brewery are recommended.

I presented what I believe in my lecture sessions: EM is a safe countermeasure against radiation for which no one has suggested a basic solution. No public authority has supported my way of fight against radiation contamination. I provide information and data that will help those who have received no assistance from the government or Tokyo Electric Power Company but have to protect themselves.

U-net (a not-for-profit organization) has leased several activation units to be set up in the affected areas, so that the resident volunteers can activate larger volume of EM to be given out for free in order to eliminate radiation in the area where they live.

Such arrangement has been made already at 8 locations. Requests from 3-4 locations have been received, and more requests are expected. Meantime, we will hold training sessions on how to use EM. Ladies from more than 100 groups of Women’s Auxiliary of Fukushima Chamber of Commerce have already attended the training. At my recent lecture, they renewed their pledge to extend their efforts more vigorously.

Although ordinary people can spray EMA in their immediate surroundings, mountains and wild fields are beyond their reach and capacity. I like to see that Self Defense Forces use their helicopters to spray EMA from mountain tops. EMA would spread down the mountains and facilitate, by using radiation as a source of energy, growth of appropriate microbes to recover normal environment within several years. This method would work if the radiation level is within several thousand Bq/Kg, but the problem is when the radiation level is higher than that.

Through our experiments, we found that higher concentration of phototrophic bacteria would effectively reduce radiation within several hours. On the basis of this fact, I recommend a unit for continuous production of phototrophic microbes: a 10 ton tank with a warmer and a strong light source will do the job.

A mixture of 50 parts of EMA and 50 parts of phototrophic microbes could be diluted 10-15 times for spraying for effective elimination of high radiation contamination. It is important to provide sufficient microbes to do the job. Repeated application is recommended to get satisfactory results.

Before rejecting my recommendation, why not try it. Radiation will not walk away. You can detect it if it remains after EM application.

If Fukushima prefecture accepts my recommendation to eliminate radiation and spray EMA in the primary industries and environment, the resulting products will be of better quality. Mountains, rivers, and ocean will be washed clean. Water resources will be recovered. Rejuvenated environment will facilitate human health and show us a way for future reconstruction. Now is the time for the leaders to make up their mind.

On 18th -19th of August, we examined the experimental site reported in my message No.47 (EM Effects on Saline Contaminated Fields Covered by Tsunami). As obviously shown by the pictures, the results were far better than expected. EM works effectively against saline contamination as I predicted. Developing a good strategy is required now to use the data effectively to inform the public of EM effects.

As of 19th of August, I really do expect better than average harvest.