No.44: A Proposal to Reconstruct Northeastern Japan by EM Technology - 1

1.To Understand a Place of Healing and That of Vexing Is Important
 I described in my previous articles how to use EM to control sick-house syndromes that occurs when disinfectant chemicals are sprayed after cleaning away sludge. The more and the longer EM is applied, the stronger the cumulative effects of EM to bring a place of healing.

 A place of healing, in a word, holds the power to heal and return to health. According to Feng-shui ( a Chinese system of geomancy believed to use the laws of both Heaven and Earth of Chinese astronomy to help one to improve life by receiving positive qi), most of the temples and the shrines are built in the place of healing. Nowadays, it is often called “power spot” where health and good lucks are brought to its residents. If a restaurant is build in a power spot, food tastes better, the customers feel more comfortable, and the business will prosper.

 Opposite to a place of healing is a place of vexing, in other words, a foul and contaminated place. According to Feng-shui, the place is a dumping ground of all negative phenomena. If you unfortunately live in a house built in a vexing place, you get sick often, bad lucks come, and things do not work out. If a restaurant is build in a vexing place, food tastes bad, and food poisoning could happen often. If an incidence of food poisoning happens once, it will happen repeatedly in spite of repeated disinfection efforts, and the business will go down. Farming in such vexing place will end up with insect infestation, and crops taste bad and are not healthy.

 A place where many crimes and accidents happen is a typical vexing place. If a school is built at a former garbage dump, the school children tend to receive more injuries and bully each other. The teachers of such school will have troubles with PTA and other problems.

 Traditionally, ground breaking ceremony is performed before construction works begin. Bringing together minds and spirits of those concerned with the work is beneficial. None thinks it superstition and breaks off the traditional ceremony. Construction business world believes that it brings safety and benefits, and it is now a well established custom.

 Because of its regenerative power, EM application started in construction works to convert vexing places to healing places. Those who are excessively sensitive to chemicals and electromagnetic waves as well as those who claim themselves as medium often reported such EM power to me. I used to think that it was only a side-effect of EM.

 However, I started paying serious attention to such claims when I applied EM to treat incinerator ashes and to control the secondary contamination from industrial waste disposal.

 Until the first half of 1980’s, trials were made in many waste disposal facilities to make solid waste into compost fertilizer. However, the compost included glasses, metals, plastics and various chemicals which made the compost not fit to use for farming. The compost not fit for farming had piled up and eventually was burned.

 In those days, burning garbage at homes and schools was promoted to reduce the volume. It was advised to put ashes in soil as mineral source. Many small incinerators set up throughout the country, and the garbage problems seemed resolved. Ashes together with industrial wastes were thrown in valleys and low-land, and welcomed in landfill sites by sea.

 From the beginning of 1990’s, we learned that the secondary contamination from the buried garbage was damaging our health. The major cause was dioxin. Japan has spent about 1 trillion yen to build high-temperature incinerators that do not emit dioxin. However, shortness of useful years of such incinerators and high maintenance costs are heavy burden to municipalities, and a great amount of dioxin disposed in the past is still left untreated in the soil.

 There are many microbes such as actinomycetes that feed on dioxin in the nature. However, they do not propagate in the environment where residue of organic contamination remains. When a large volume of actinomycetes is cultured and inoculated into the soil, they often do not propagate well. However, continued application of EM to the contaminated soil will eliminate organic and non-organic contamination, and the microbes that degrade dioxin will propagate to eventually eliminate dioxin.

 Therefore, EM is applied to the former dioxin disposal sites to eliminate contamination when such sites are found. The buildings and homes built on such sites deteriorate from their foundation as if a tree is welting; a typical vexing syndrome.

 Former garbage dumps, animal sheds, waste water treatment facilities, and the low land where contamination flows in from the surrounding places are vexing places.

 The big Tsunami in the northeastern Japan spread sewage, chemical materials, petroleum, sludge and others all over, which caused foul odors and made the affected areas vexing. It is said that 3-4 years will take before the affected areas return to the former state. But that is impossible because the water is not applied in large amount as in paddy fields or farm land, and the saline in the soil will not easily be washed away.

 You can set foundation and build a house in such place, but strong oxidizing effects caused by saline and other contamination will continue. In addition, various chemical materials that we use daily and harmful electromagnetic waves from home appliances, I am afraid, will multiply vexing effects.

2. How to Convert a Vexing Place to a Healing Place
 For residential buildings, it is recommended to select the materials that absorb or work as catalyst to eliminate harmful substances such as charcoal and zeolite and spread them over 10cm thick underneath the floor. And set an appliance that emits minus ion, and inoculate activated water to eliminate free radicals in soil.

 These methods are effective to a degree. However, when you plan to purify an area, the only effective way is to use EM as abundantly as you use air and water.

  Suggestions have been made to use the debris and sludge for landfill or to lay foundation for forest parks. However, I am afraid that they will turn up as vexing places. As I mentioned in the message No. 30 entitled “Risk Management that you can do yourself with EM”, I recommend that the municipalities will make a large volume of EMA to use in farming and spray over the community and apply larger volume specifically over the places where debris and waste materials are buried.

 EM Research Organization (EMRO) has provided free seed EM for activation, which has enabled the use EMA in a large volume in the affected areas. EMRO will also provide free technical advices for the municipalities that plan to activate and apply EM in larger volumes, in addition to the volunteers who have played an important role in activating and applying EM.

 Although the radiation contamination in Fukushima prefecture is different from dioxin contamination and the problems of garbage dumps, strong oxidation is the common thread to consider them as a vexing place. As time goes by, the power of oxidation will deteriorate the quality of ground water and rivers as well as the ecology of water ways, and rivers will be rusty. Spraying EMA is recommended before it is too late.

 I have mentioned in my prior DND message how to manage radiation contamination by EM. The level of radiation has been confirmed lower in EM practiced fields. Some reported that the level of radiation in soil was lowered by 20-30% within 1-2 weeks. We need to move forward based on such reports. Continuous EM application will convert the radiation contaminated land into healing place.

 Japanese government and Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) are responsible over the area that the residents were evicted. The problem is the adjoining areas; the residents in the adjoining areas will receive no compensation from TEPCO, and it seems that the government disclaims its responsibility. In these areas in order to convert the areas into healing place by themselves, they must set up a system to provide EM as abundantly as they use air and water. The municipalities in these areas must consider it as their duty to use EM to protect the residents’ health and the areas’ industries.