No.42: EM Technology to Control Dust and Radiation

1.Dust Control

 As the debris is cleaned up, the trucks leave clouds of dust that emits foul odor and limits the visibility. The higher the temperature rises, the stronger gets foul odor. The more rain falls, the more humid it gets, and the worse get the hygienic problems. With cooperation of many EM volunteers, foul odors from toilets, drainages, damaged marine products, and garbage dumps of the emergency shelters are reduced. EM has worked effectively as expected, and more people are actively using EM now.

 A network of voluntary EMA suppliers now provides EMA upon request. However, the volunteers cannot provide the entire amount of EMA required for controlling dust and asbestos particles. Mass media has already reported respiratory problems caused by dust. Eventually, the problems will extend to eyes and digestive system, and people worry about a spread of communicable diseases. Another worry is about large amount of asbestos used in old buildings.

 Some municipalities in the affected areas have been trying to manage hygienic problems that is not limited to emergency shelters, but spraying EM in large area and controlling dust on roads and clean-up sites are left unmanaged. A simple and easy method that I recommend is to spray EM or EMA that is diluted by 200-300 times to cover ground surface and/or spray roads once or twice a day by sprinkler trucks.

 EM has a power to de-ionize, i.e., electrically charged substance is stabilized to be harmless. Dust flies up in the air because the energy produced by wind and vehicles gives static electric energy to dust and increases its mobility. EM is sprayed to school yards during the fall and winter to prevent dust from flying up. Also at industrial waste disposal sites and construction sites, EM is used to control dust and foul odors.

 The experiments recommended in my message No.41 "EM Technology to Eliminate Foul Odor and Restore Soil Contaminated by Saline, Sludge, and/or Radiation to Health" were started in response to requests made by those concerned. For controlling dust, municipality's cooperation is needed in securing necessary equipments such as sprinkler trucks.

 Controlling dust also requires cooperation among those who work in construction business, municipality, and/or Self-Defense Force. It is not yet recognized as the priority need, and spraying water is considered sufficient. The sludge that includes asbestos used in old building materials, waste water, oil, and chemicals facilitates growth of harmful microbes. Rising temperature accelerates their growth and causes various communicable and intractable diseases. For health and welfare of community residents as well as reduction of medical cost, controlling dust is the top priority now. I am currently talking to the government officials in charge and many other people to request their cooperation. I hope that the readers of this message will join me to spread the words and invite those who work in construction business to use EM.

2.Radiation Control over a Wide Area by Spraying EM

 I have received many inquiries on how to control radiation contamination in soil as well as in school yards, classrooms, and school buildings. Other inquires includes: if it is possible to effectively clean the water highly contamination with radiation, and if enormous cost incurs to spray EM over a wide area.

 I like to take this opportunity to tell you again how to do it. For decontaminating buildings, spray EM that is diluted by 100-200 times once a month for several times. Measure the radiation level after spraying several times and if the level is over the safety standards, repeat spraying. A high-pressure sprayer that is sold at any home center will cover the current and the future needs of several schools to spray school yards and classrooms and to control multiple chemical sensitivity symptoms.

 For EM to cover a wide area such as rice paddies, release EMA to dams and river water intake gates, so that EM-added irrigation water will cover a wide field. Additional application of EM at the time of growing rice will eliminate the need for ban on planting rice in the soil contaminated by radiation. EM application will facilitate propagation of soil microbes that will take most of radioactive substances in the soil into their body within 30-40 days, and leave not much for plants to absorb.

 The same results were confirmed in Belarus and parts of Russia which were affected by Chernobyl accident. EM application will facilitate the growth of sun flowers and rapeseed (mustard green) that are generally recommended for decontaminating radioactive soil.

 In order to spray EM in an area wider than farm, school swimming pools and easily assembled vinyl pools are recommended to activate EM. It is possible to produce 100-200tons of EMA in 1-2 week period, and the subsequent continuous activation will provide the same amount in 3-4 day period. Therefore, it is easy to set up an EMA supply system at unexpectedly low cost. However, EMA produced in this manner does not last long due to inclusion of various sorts of microbe and must be used up within 5-7 days. If not used, the pH of such EMA will rise up higher than 3.8. When a pH goes over 4.0, it includes too many other microbes and is no longer EMA.

 A closer analysis of the cases that claim EM application was failed indicates that the amount applied was not sufficient and/or that the activated EM had no EM characteristics and functions. When the activated EM smells foul and registers a pH over 4.0, harmful microbes grow and oxidize farming equipments and buildings to be of no use. EM is not a chemical, but a group of living microbes that thrive under certain protective environment: the pH must be below 3.5, and lactic acid bacteria and yeasts are propagating. When the protective environment is lost, other microbes feed EMA.

3.A Recommendation to Decontaminate Highly Radioactive Waste Water Discharged from Nuclear Power Plants

 Judging from newspaper articles, more than 100,000tons of highly radioactive waste water have been accumulated, and more will accumulate as long as cooling spray continues. The experimental results obtained in Belarus affected by Chernobyl accident on internal radiation exposure and soil contamination, will be also applicable to the areas affected by Fukushima incident.

 Such results indicate that EM acts as a catalyst to eradicate radioactive energy and/or that biologically changes one element to other. However, simple addition of EM to the highly radioactive waste water is not sufficient. Other method of application must be made.

3-1.Activate EM in Highly Radioactive Waste Water

 Add 1% sugar, 0.2% rice bran, and 0.1% of mixture of 50% EM1 and 50% EM3 to highly radioactive waste water, and activate the mixture. As I already pointed out, phototrophic bacteria in EM tend to gather around radioactive substances. Because of EM deionization power, radioactive substances are taken in the flocks of phototrophic bacteria and sink down to the bottom. As a result, the surface water will include less radioactive substances. If radiation level is lowered enough to meet the discharge standards, the cooling water for reactors will be easily re-used or discharged to the sea, and EM included in the discharge water will purify the sea.

 The results will be obtained in 7-10 days if experimented with 500-100L tanks. Because those who work with nuclear power are not familiar with microbes, I am willing to work with them to conduct the experiment. EM is effective in controlling radiation contamination, but how to use EM to be effective is the key for successful results.

3-2. EM Biofiltration

 A 50-100cm or even to 200cm thick layer of the mixture of EM, rice bran, charcoal, and zeolite will serve as an EM bio-filter to continuously treat highly radioactive waste water. A 10cm thick layer will be sufficient to eliminate dioxin and other chemicals. I expect a 50cm thick layer will be sufficient for radioactive substances, but increased thickness or repeated filtration may be required to be on the safer side.

 Periodic addition of EM and/or phototrophic bacteria to the filter layer will enable continued use of EM bio-filter for a longer period without changing the filter layer.

 I am confident that a combination of above two suggestions and increased EM density will resolve the problem. I pray that this information will reach to those in charge of disaster recovery and that they will make courageous decision.