No. 39 EM Applications After the Earthquake Disaster

The 2011 Tohoku Earthquake that occurred on March 11 was a massive 9.0 magnitude. It paralyzed all of the protective measures that were considered well prepared, and turned out to be the disaster of a lifetime that no one could have ever imagined. Its furious destructive power was an absolute nightmare and I am at a loss for words for the people who were affected. I can only hope for the best and convey my deepest condolences and sympathy, and pray for the earliest possible recovery. I have asked not only EM Research Organization, Inc. (EMRO), EM Laboratory Co Ltd., and EM-Seikatsu, Inc., but also the NPO United Networks for Earth Environment (U-Net), EM Fukyu Kyokai (EM Outreach Group), International Nature Farming Research Center (INFRC), and many other EMR related NPOs and volunteers, to cooperate in making EMR accessible to the affected areas for use in sanitation. We plan to work on handling the specifics through the main line at EMRO (Tel: 098-935-0202, Fax: 098-935-0205) and U-Net (Tel: 03-5427-2348, Fax: 03-5427-5890).

1.Treating odor, water contamination and other sanitation issues with EMR When the Great Hanshin Earthquake happened, EMR was used on a number of fronts for odor control. It was used not only in toilets, wastewater and garbage dumps, but also to neutralize the smell of disinfectants and chemical substances. Since then, EMR has been widely used in the aftermath of other earthquakes and floods that have occurred domestically. Abroad, EMR was applied in the aftermath of the 921 earthquake in Taiwan, the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami and the 2008 Sichuan earthquake for odor control and various sanitation issues. There are countries like Thailand that have a system already established through its military and the Department of Social Development to apply EMR for sanitation if a disaster strikes, but the specifics of the applications are directed by EMRO so that all will function properly. As I mentioned in article No. 30 of this series titled, "Self Emergency Management using EM TechnologyR," EMR demonstrated its definitive power when foot-and-mouth disease broke out in Miyazaki Prefecture. It prevented the disease from further spreading, controlled foul odors during the burial of the destroyed livestock, and avoided secondary contamination. These results were fully incorporated when South Korea had a foot-and-mouth disease outbreak. Using EMR there also prevented the disease from spreading further, controlled odor while burying over three million destroyed livestock, prevented secondary contamination, and improved sanitation conditions.

All technical consulting in Thailand, Miyazaki and South Korea were provided by EMRO, and they are now in a position to respond to any requests from prefectural or municipal levels at any time.

Please refer to article No. 30 "Self Emergency Management using EM TechnologyR" for detailed information, and if requested, EMRO will provide free consultation similar to what was done in Miyazaki Prefecture.

At the same time, I have asked EMR volunteers located in various parts of the country to help so that a systematic response can take place. First, Activated EM・1R should be made in a small tank of 200 to 500 liters. EMRO or EM Laboratory will provide the EM・1R stock solution.

Unpleasant odors after a disaster can make people more agitated and fearful, especially in the case of restrooms. Spraying Activated EM・1R with the dilution ratio of 1:50 or 1:100 alone will significantly suppress a variety of foul odors, disinfectant or chemical smells, and prevent them from recurring. I am aware of numerous examples of people regaining calmness and recovering from panic after foul odors are eliminated after spraying EMR. For places where water is not available, applying EMR Bokashi can provide dramatic results.

2.Treating chemical contaminants including oil EMR has shown its consistent effect in treating contaminants in the aftermath of incidents like the Nakhodka oil spill in Fukui Prefecture, a tanker accident in Karachi, Pakistan five or six years ago, as well as a chemical contamination that happened in the Netherlands. EMR also has the ability to breakdown dioxin, known to be the most difficult compound to decompose. As you can see, it can be used in a variety of practical applications. Also EMR is commonly used to breakdown oil in grease traps, and also as a technology that can detoxify sludge after oil is refined and turn it into fertilizer. EMR's ability to breakdown oil has been mentioned on the website of the United Nations Industrial Development Organization in the past as well.

To apply, first collect a large amount of oil and then spray Activated EM・1R with a dilution ratio of 1:10 to 1:20 onto contaminated areas such as the water surface, soil, rocks and quay walls. The goal is to spray until the odor is reduced to about half. A one-time application is effective enough in some cases, but weekly applications of two to three times have demonstrated effectiveness beyond expectation.

It is possible to completely treat chemically contaminated areas if the same application methods are repeated. If the area is saturated in oil or severely contaminated by chemicals, it can be significantly effective to add about three percent of the total volume of rice bran and one percent of the total weight of molasses into the Activated EM・1R with a dilution ratio of 1:50. Adding slightly more rice bran and molasses will increase the effectiveness.

3.EMR applications in the evacuation centers and residential areas?  Dust and a variety of unpleasant smells, including body odor, are unavoidable at evacuation centers where many people are forced to continuously live so close to each other. In these types of situations, spray Activated EM・1R with a dilution ratio of 1:500 to 1:1000 a few times a day. In the areas where the smell is trapped, use a dilution ratio of 1:200 to 1:300 for spraying. When sprayed on the surface of clothing, dust and body odor will be reduced and it will prevent clothes from becoming soiled. If the supply of water is scarce and bathing or doing laundry is difficult, wipe your body with Activated EM・1R with a dilution ratio of 1:100 to 1:200. It will not only clean your body but also prevent skin troubles. Shampooing your hair can be done in the same manner.

Instead of washing your hands, simply spraying a 1:100 ratio solution will give a complete disinfecting effect. Keep a bucket next to the toilet with Activated EM・1R with a dilution ratio of 1:100 to 1:200, and rinse your hands in it after using the toilet. This will also give a complete disinfecting effect. All of the diluted EM・1R mixtures should be used up within one to two days. It is still effective after three to four days, but changing it daily is the most ideal for creating a comfortable living space. For cooking, soak vegetables and meats in Activated EM・1R with a dilution ratio of 1:100 for one to two minutes prior to cooking. This way, you can prevent food poisoning and digestive problems completely. Activated EM・1R with a dilution ratio of 1:100 has the ability to completely suppress the growth of viruses like the norovirus and E.coli.

Add Activated EM・1R with a dilution ratio of 1:1000 to water other than for consumption. If possible, also add EMR Super Cera Ferment C at a ratio of 1:10,000. After allowing to stand for two to three hours, the amount of germs will be significantly reduced and water will be clean and safe enough to use for washing vegetables, doing laundry, or for bathing. Bathing water may cause odors or become filthy after being used by so many people. For this, adding 1/1000 to 1/2000 of Activated EM・1R of the total volume will make the water useful in several folds. It is even more effective if 1/10,000 of EMR Super Cera Ferment C is added.

We advocated this method of application after the Great Hanshin Earthquake and were thanked by many people. It is also possible to reuse the leftover bath water if Activated EM・1R is added until the water reaches 1:1000 ratio and then filtered with cloth. Rather than disposing the wastewater, by spraying it onto the ground or surrounding soil, it can function as air and soil purifiers.

There are many people drinking Activated EM・1R to maintain their health, but this application must be done with each individual taking full responsibility. The target amount of intake is to drink until your waste does not create a strong foul odor. Based on people's experiences, 10 to 50 cc per day seems to be the standard amount. The main microorganisms in EM・1R are phototrophic bacteria, lactic acid bacteria and yeast, all of which have been confirmed safe by public agencies around the world.

4.Cleaning up contaminated livestock and lands If attempted individually, Activated EM・1R should be prepared in a 100 to 500 liter tank or container, and applied at a dilution ratio of 1:100 to 1:200 onto the affected areas with implements such as watering cans. If available, it is more effective to use a high-pressure hose to wash off the affected areas. If the odor remains, wash down the area again and also generously spray places like underneath the floor. Spray the garden in the same manner as well. If these methods are used, it is possible to fundamentally eliminate various contaminants that came rushing in during the tsunami and recreate a more desirable space that is ideal for human health.

For the cleaning of large public spaces, rice fields or farmlands, the goal is to apply 50 to 100 liters of Activated EM・1R every 10 acres. If it is too large of an area to individually handle the application, have the local governments manage it, as was done by Miyazaki Prefecture.

In such cases, as long as containers like tanks or portable pools are provided with a sufficient water supply, EMRO will provide EM・1R and other necessary materials as much as possible and also give technical advice. Applying EMR will be significantly effective in cleaning up not only the ocean water, but also the wastewater and a variety of chemical contaminations. It will also help to improve the tree growth in parks, to promote the growth of crops that will be cultivated afterwards, to dramatically reduce pests, and to improve plant quality.

5.Measures against radioactive contamination  As I write this article, the fate of Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant is unknown. However, I would like to propose a countermeasure, for a worst-case scenario like the Chernobyl disaster.

Since the Chernobyl accident, EMRO, together with the Institute of Radiobiology National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, has been producing successful results using EMR as a countermeasure against radiation in Belarus, one of the countries affected by the disaster. Summary from this research is listed below.

1). If a person exposed to radiation continuously consumes 30 to 50 cc of EM・X Gold? per day, both the external and internal (radioactive substances absorbed into bodies) damage will return back to a normal state within 30 days. Even if you stop taking it, relapse will not occur afterwards. The same effects have been confirmed in Japan with the victims of the Hiroshima bombing.

This also has been validated in experiments using mice, and the majority of the data is publically available. In both cases, two-dimensional toxic radioactive energy is detoxified by the properties of EM・X Gold? in relation to antioxidation, anti-ionization and three-dimensional wave vibrations (helical conformation).

2). It has been confirmed that spraying 50 liters of Activated EM・1R strengthened with an additional amount of phototrophic bacteria every 10 acres will reduce the amount of radiation by 15 to 30 percent annually. By applying once a month for a total of twelve treatments per year, experiments conducted by Japanese volunteers achieved readings of below the measurement limits.

The above-mentioned result is not something I am arbitrarily pointing out. Research was carried out properly, collaborating with other entities. At the time however, this claim was considered too outrageous, and I was not allowed to present the information at one of the international conferences. Similar types of results were also obtained at the Institute of Radiobiology National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine, but I learned that their presentation was not accepted either.

6.EMR applications in the rebuilding process It has been confirmed that mixing high quality Activated EM・1R at five percent of the water used and EMR Super Cera Ferment C at the ratio of 1/1000 into cement will significantly increase the surfactant potency. It will also strengthen the concrete by 10 to 20 percent and its durability will extend to over 200 to 300 years. Data also indicates that saturating about 10 acres of a building construction site with about one ton of Activated EM・1R with the dilution ratio of 1:50 to 1:100 mixed with EMR Super Cera Ferment C at 0.1 percent will prevent oxidation in soil. By improving the soil, it will not only prevent the building materials from deteriorating but also have a dramatic impact in reducing sickness in the people who live there. Additionally, significant increase in earthquake resistance of the buildings has been empirically demonstrated.

This is a hellish rebuilding. I recommend using EMR in construction to contribute to the well being and the best possible future for people. All reference data can be obtained at EMRO. EMR will also work very well on chemical sensitivities against materials like paint.

I have quickly summarized the key points for EMR volunteers and for people who may be interested in EMR. Please note that all of the information above on various applications is for reference purposes only and has not been authorized formally. I kindly ask you to obey national and public regulations. I will provide additional information through this series and the WEB Ecopure online. Please also contact EMRO (Tel: 098-935-0202, Fax: 098-935-0205) for detailed information.